Overindulged this Easter Holiday? Here’s how to recover!

So, you overdid it. Your eyes were bigger than your stomach. You may not have gone on a total binge per se, but you abandoned your original plan to have a balanced holiday and went full speed to sugar-town. So now you’re experiencing the physical and psychological consequences. You have become trapped in this catatonic, bloated state slightly resembling a slow-moving mammal. Your mood is a little less bright, your digestion is off and you notice your energy has taken a nose dive. Now you find yourself, either waiting for that “I will get back on track Monday”…. Or the “I’ve already lost today, I’ll get back on track tomorrow" excuse. We have some tips to get you back to living that healthy balanced lifestyle you were on.


First things first, ditch any guilt you may be holding from your food/snacking choices. Remember you spent that time with friends/family and focus on the moments you experienced being together. Accept it as a temporary indulgence, NOW MOVE ON! Negative thoughts spread like wildfire. Where there is a small flicker, a blaze occurs. This negative take-over is what causes us on this marry-go-round of guilt > negativity > overindulgence > guilt.

A study published through the University of Canterbury determined that individuals who made the association between guilt and chocolate cake reported lower rates of self-control, higher food stress and less than healthy food choices.


Now that the holiday is over, children are back to their school routines and you are back to your normal daily activities that include home cooked meals, food prepping, and healthy snacking. Start back into your regular eating schedule and eating meals instead of random snacking during the day. The sooner you start back into your routine the quicker you will find yourself back to your healthy, happy perspective.


If you are one of those choco-holics that is the “I see I eat”, ditch the leftover holiday candy. This could even mean throwing into the back of the freezer and keeping it for when you fit that treat into your daily meal plan. If necessary, throw it out!


We know sugar has addictive qualities, take this into account as you move through the next few weeks. Have healthier snack choices ready to go when the sugar tooth starts aching. Try fresh berries like strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. They have a sweet quality but also have healthy antioxidants, fiber and are a good source of carbohydrates. Sweeter vegetables that are more colorful like red peppers and carrots are also a great go-to.


For some the first instinct after a sugar binge is to go the total opposite direction and avoid eating the next day, or try to do an extreme calorie cut for the days following. Consuming large amounts of sugar and then starving your body of any nutrients can send your blood sugar levels into this “yo-yo” state. Sending your sugar levels high to the sky causes you to crash, increasing stress on your body, which leaves you irritable and “hangry”. This usually results in you to either grab the first thing you can lay your hands on, or head straight for the sugar to feel better. The trick is CONSISTENCY. Get yourself back on your regular scheduled program. Eat your meals and incorporate your snacks.

Remember life is about balance and consistency.

It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It is what we do consistently.

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