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Choose You

Daily we make choices with the conscious or unconscious desire to propel ourselves forward. We want to be better tomorrow than we are today and this can cover any aspect in our lives. Every day we make on average 35,000 decision per day, 2,058 decisions per hour. Did you press snooze? Fruit or pop-tart? Country or Top 40? Check that text? Pet that puppy? The decisions we make can be made without even the slightest thought; instant reaction. These countless decisions we make on a daily basis have a profound effect on the direction or life can lead us and the health of the physical and mental state we are in on the path to get there.

At the most basic level, the choices we make concerning our physical well being can often be an afterthought. No time for lunch, I’ll grab something on the way. Quick candy bar will hold me until I get home for dinner. I will figure it out later. In our attempt to move forward we often neglect the most basic need, fueling our body. The nutrition choices you make today, no matter how small, will impact how you feel not only tomorrow, but also the future.

The first step is making the choice to want to lead a healthier life for you and your family plus the desire to put your health first.

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