HoLIFTic Nutrition


It is our goal at HoLIFTtic Nutrition to help create a positive relationship with food in order to live a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. We educate our clients in fitness nutrition and provide the tools they need to reach their individual goals and aspirations. Along the way they will be adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors that allow them to make positive conscious choices for their health and well being.

The realization is that everyone leads a different lifestyle, with different goals and are simply physiologically built different. What works for one, may not work for all. Our individualized programs offer many tools to get you on the right path to living not just a healthy and enjoyable life, but also constructing the body they desire. We'll guide you through step of the way through establishing a lifestyle where you'll look forward to your meals instead of dreading them.

Our Nutrition Coaching program starts with your initial assessment where we will focus in on your personal goals, and establishing an action plan to reaching them; taking into consideration your occupation, exercise history, family routines and other daily demands of everyday life. This initial assessment will include a body composition work-up in order to measure your success, a macro nutrient breakdown (proteins, fats and carbohydrates intake), recommendations for improvement, and a success strategy to help make food simple.

With our full access accountability coaching, success is achieved through constant communication and support with one on one coaching and support calls as needed. Clients will have UNLIMITED email support, with ongoing feedback on eating habits or food quality choices and most importantly being your solid base of support when problems may arise. We also offer in-home nutrition service assist with grocery navigation.


Our team will be there for you when you feel the loss of focus, when you find yourself in a pickle when making healthy food selection during social outings or events, and providing you with hands on assistance with proper meal planning to set you up for success.

The first step is making the choice to want to lead a healthier life for you and your family, plus the desire to construct a body that will perform at its optimal level.